Looking Back and Finding Ideas

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Hello, my name is Richelle Dodaro and I am a freshman at Seton Hill University. I am an English major seeking teacher certification in elementary education. Here you have the opportunity to view my blogging from my Introduction to Literary Study course. In this class, students have assigned readings to do, which include poems, plays, short stories, and parts from novels. After students have completed their reading, they post a blog entry on blogs.setonhill.edu that include a quote that stood out to them and an explanation on why it did so and what it means to them. I hope you enjoy my blogs!


Death Does Not Control Life - I wanted the reader to be able to go back and read the poem I was commenting on. Also, I think it is a very intense poem that people should consider.

The Mind's Impact - this is the first entry that I linked it back to the original entry.


The All-Around-the-World Major - This was our first assignment for blogging and I was so excited to start the reading and post my blog that I did it as soon as possible!


Our Own Symbols - I elaborated on Ally Hall's blog entry that stated people should be able to come up with their own meanings for symbols or else we will not learn anything.

What is A Love Song? - I did not state this in my entry, but what I was writing was referring to Lauren Miller's blog on the sonnets. She did not think the poems were love songs because there was no positivity throughout them. In my blog, I talk about how love involves negativity as well.


Misdirected Self Esteem - the link would not work for this but here I talk about the pressures put on girls today

This quote stood out to me because it shows the dilemma many women go through which is knowing whether men like them or not. Parents, friends, or other family members tend to reassure the girl that men only like the girls who "cheapen" themselves; that they respect girls like Bernice, who don't "put themselves out there." These advisors want the girl to stay away from engagements with different men not only for their own benefit, but so the girl will have better self-esteem because it will not be based on how many men she has been with. I don't necessarily agree with this typical advice, but I understand that it is what many girls hear when they are upset about men or boys in this way. I don't think self-esteem should be based upon how many men or boys a female has been with or simply talked to. However, I think it is unfair to say that males do not respect females who may be more outgoing or sexual in their nature.

To Everything There is A Season - When we hear spring, we think of birth or renewal. In my blog, I find new meanings to the seaons within literature.

Loves Makes the World Go 'Round - the link would not work for this, but here I compare fish to women, which may sound silly, but once you understand the context, it makes sense.

"Evans: The dozen white louses do become an old coat well. It agrees well, passant; it is a familiar beast to man, and signifies love."

I looked at the meaning of the word "louses" and it means fish. I think fish is used here because he is talking about something to catch, in this case, women, or love. Even if the person is boring or seems hopeless, love, or lust for that matter, can somewhat improve them, in a very distorted way. It is distorted because this person is being made more worthy or important if they are with someone or not. This thing that they are trying to catch is something that people have a love/hate relationship with. This thing is either the opposite sex, sex in general, or marriage. Within these three ideas, love is involved, whether in a caring or lustful way. It may a bit of a stretch to say that love is involved in lust, but I think it is to a certain extent because with lust comes a sense of passion, and passion is an aspect of love.

Love is Blind - In this entry, I talk about the unique way of complimenting your lover and I answer to my own confusion with this sonnet by Shakespeare.


Hello Ugly! You're Looking Beautiful Today! - I responded to Jeannine O'Niel's blog because I enjoyed her comparison between the poem and boyfriends' comments.

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Thank you so much for reading my blogs! I hope they stimulated new ideas for you!



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