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Here is my portfolio. I can't say I am really into this blogging thing, but I guess I am going to have to get used to it.



Why The Sad Setting, Steinbeck

Jesus in Literacy


Faint Green Light

Baptism in Literature? I Think Not


Jesus in Literature


Most students who stick with the blogging end up grateful, because it helps you practice skills that will become important when you write your longer papers.

You might consider using your blog to help you develop your ideas for your paper, or posting excerpts from your drafts in order to get feedback from your peers.

Of course, unless you leave comments on peer blogs and join in their discussions, it will be difficult to attract their attention and get them to read your blog, but perhaps you could make a deal with a few friends in class to read and comment on each other's blogs before class, so that you will have more to put into your next portfolio.

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