A Final Reflection on Time Well Spent...

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The following entries show a direct quote from the reading and its source. These entries also contain links back to the course website.


Fly Away Home 
Blind Sight

The Sweetest Waltz

Altering Fixed Positions

Medical Intrigue


All enteries featured in this Portfolio show coverage.




The following entries were posted on time (according to the course schedule). This allowed the chance for other students to read and comment on the entries.


Becoming Human

Water Law

Absorbed By Nature

The Skin of Wrath?


All enteries featured in this Portfolio were timely.




The following entries show interaction between my classmates and myself through entry comments.


Resurrecting Dreams

Free Will vs. Determinism

Blind Sight 




The following entries show a higher level of depth in the understanding of the assigned text.


Free Will vs. Determinism

Invisible Meaning

Shoe of Protection

The Sweetest Waltz

Absorbed By Nature 




The following entries are from my classmates blogs. These entries show comments that were part of a meaningful discussion.


What is Going On? Entry by Joshua Wilks

Shall I Compare Thee to Rihanna? Entry by Alicia Campbell

Nameless Theory Entry by Andrew Adams

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