I'm Going to Try to Pick All of My Apples.

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"After Apple Picking," by Robert Frost, immediately symbolizes some sort of regret or remorse, as if the speaker of the poem is dying. The speaker looks into heaven after a hard day's work, and realizes that "there's still a barrel I didn't fill," or rather, there are still things that the speaker wants to accomplish in his life before he passes on. From the little that I've learned of Robert Frost, I know he lost his family early, and I feel sympathy for him after reading this poem. There is a sort of tragedy that is occuring throughout the poem, as if the reader is saying, "I'm overtired of apple-picking" instead of saying "I'm tired of living." He talks about the dozens of apples that were bruised or defective, and how they were treated as if they were just waste, thrown into the cider apple heap. This could be symbolic of the many dreams and aspirations he had in his life, that he now cannot accomplish because he is too old and tired, or, he could be referring to the untimely death of his family, and how their lives were thrown away. All in all, the poem is very sad and makes one think about mortality, the future, and their own dreams and aspirations..


Rachael Sarver said:

I agree that this poem was very remorseful. While you read it you get this sense of regret that Frost is feeling toward the end of his life. I did not know that Frost's family died and it makes me realize how important knowing about the author's life gives you more insight to his works.

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