Daisy's Voice is Full of Money.

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" "She's got an indiscreet voice," I remarked, "It's full of -" I hesitated.

"Her voice is full of money," he said suddenly.

That it was." Fitzgerald, page 120


I believe the point Fitzgerald is trying to make with this little situation that occurs, Nick thinking about Daisy's voice, is established in order to further explain to the reader that Daisy's life is exceedingly care-free, so much in fact, that you can literally hear it in her voice. It is obvious that by the pending affair between Gatsby and Daisy, that Daisy does not care when Tom begins to realize what is going on. It also suggests that Daisy emits a sense that she has always been provided for, as well as educated, always around rich folk, so she speaks as they should. Nick is sort of comparing her voice to that of his own, or to people around him, like Gatsby, and probably notes that they are from a working class, and Nick seems to realize how hard he has to work at speaking with these folk, since he has never really been a part of the wealthy cliques. He hesitates frequently, thinking before he speaks around these people. Daisy, on the other hand, is free to do and say  what she wishes, without worry, because she is so accustomed to living in this world.




Alicia Campbell said:

I am glad you examined this quote. When I encountered it in the reading, I was not immediately sure what it meant, but perhaps that is because I don't have money in my voice! Now that I have read your interpretation, I can think of people I may hesitate to speak around, because I don't speak their language; furthermore, their language may not be one of money, but of virtually anything else that classifies us.

Marie vanMaanen said:

I really like the way you explain this quote. I noticed it as well when I was reading, however, I simply thought of it as saying that Daisy is only concerned with wealth and status. I think your examination though really gives a further explanation to this though and how it affects Nick. I also notice now that it is not Nick who says what that odd twinkle in Daisy's voice is. Perhaps this is because he either cannot recognize it, or more likely because he feels odd, maybeeven rude, talking about one's wealth.

Jessica Bitar said:

I like that you chose this quote. When I initially read it I was not sure what it meant that "Her voice is full of money." I did not really consider it's the way she talks. She grew up with a wealthy family and has been exposed to them and their ways of thinking so that is how she talks. I think it would be interesting to actually be able to hear Daisy talking so we can hear her tone. We could hear how she speaks with "money" in her voice.

Brandon said:

Nick goes on to narrate.... "High in a white palace the
king's daughter, the golden girl..." This tells readers
also that she is on this high pedestal, being unattainable.

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