February 07, 2006

Adding It Up!

Rice, The Adding Machine (1923) -- Jerz: American Lit II (EL 267)"You're a failure, Zero, a failure. A waste product...back you go. Back to your sunless groove, the raw material of slums and wars, the ready prey of the first jingo or demagogue or political adventurer who takes the trouble to play upon your ignorance and credulity and provincialism. You poor, spineless, brainless boob. I'm sorry for you!"

This particular quote made by LT. Charles to Mr. Zero made feel that Mr. Zero is unappreciated. I read this quote over and over wondering how someone could say this to a man who is only trying his hardest to do what he can, not only for himself but for others as well.
This is not a subtle play by any means. Rice is not making the human very romantic and nurturing in this play. Shrdlu was determined that is mother did not care for him, and that he was of no use to her. The reason that he killed her still sticks out in my mind. On the other hand i found it strange that he enjoyed being mistreated or the fact that something bad may happen to him in the after life.

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