May 01, 2006


Resurrection Blues 3 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

At first, I felt that there was no true plot and no one reached a conclusion at the end of the play. It took me several times of reading this section to actually discover that there were just so many different thoughts, people, and ideas that gave a certain reason that were portyrayed in the last few scenes. I feel that all of theses were pulled and arranged to fit together by Jack-Ralph-Charley. Maybe such a non-controversy is having an affect on soemone. Seeing the three in one paerson at the end of this play reminded me of God. They called him "The Three In One". God and this character in the play reprisented love, peace, and life. While fighting and struggling against the norm of society; power, money and greed.

Posted by SarahLodzsun at May 1, 2006 06:33 PM
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