May 02, 2006

Media Fast

Almost nearing the end of my second year here at Seton Hill, As I try to finish all my homework, study for finals, and pack up to go home. Today I noticed is the last day of "TV Turn-Off Week". The phrase "Media Fast" speaks for itself. It is like not eating during lent, or before a dreaded blood test. Except this time NO MEDIA, this for some people may be harder to resist than food. From personal experience I can't go anywhere without seeing headphones, i-pods, or some piece of technology gripped in someone's hands. To be frank, this week was not at all difficult for me to try to keep from watching television.

Some people, my dad for example, thinks media (more than TV) is no good for us. However; when my sister comes home from dance or cheer practice, she takes a shower and sits on the chair to watch TV, and wait for dinner. Sometimes I can laugh because she will be told to help with dinner and she doesn't want to. I also believe that TV is sometimes over- rated. I mean you cant go anywhere without hearing people talk about the best or worse performers on American Idol, the so-so apprentice on The Apprentice, and the hottest person on those reality shows. I grew up in a pretty active family that likes to be outdoors, so I think for the most- part, it has rubbed off on me. I used to watch TV a lot before coming to Seton Hill, but now I really don't have a chance to watch TV. I am either at class, cheerleading practice, games, work, or doing my class work. My roommates and I have digital cable in our rooms, but that really doesn't change the fact that TV should be watched all the time. I do have to say that in my suite, our computers and laptops are the devices that are used the most. When it comes time to go home for a break, I still don't watch much TV. I work seven days a week, no matter what.

Disregarding the use of my computer for class-work, I rarely used technology this week. Except on Saturday, and Sunday; we had cheerleading try-outs and we had to watch a try-out video, as well as practicing with out music. Oh yeah and the use of my CD player in my car. Speaking of music, I love it. I like to listen to music, on my i-pod, on the radio, and CD player. But other than try-outs this week I really didn't listen to music THAT much.

TV Turn-off Week could not have come at a better time. I was to busy studying for tests, doing homework, and reading, to have time to watch TV. Also, we were fortunate that we had nice weather to play ball, or simply lay in the grass to catch up on some rays. Because we all know that rainy days are the devils advocate for the use of media and technology. Although, I did hear that this weekend, the campus was showing a movie (A sort of drive-in setting I guess). Apparently not everyone was supporting the week with no TV. Saturday and Sunday night I went to a party, where we had a cookout and a bon fire. You can bet that there was no TV use there.

To make a long story short, I think that being away at college helped me to get through this week of "media relief". There are many other pastimes that someone can do to take up their time instead of being the norm, a couch potato. One could also do some studying. I know that not everyone on campus is an A+ student. I hope "TV Turn-Off Week" was a success, and I would think that people would have decided to take advantage of the nice weather. Maybe the lack of media and TV usage would open their eyes to more stimulating activities.

Posted by SarahLodzsun at May 2, 2006 07:14 PM
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