January 30, 2006

Judith Oster

"This poem presents the attendant fear that once giving in to the self, or going into the self, he will find that the journey has been for nothing. That there is nothing but loneliness, blankness, and absent-spiritedness in the sense of absence of spirit".

Lonely is something that nobody wants to be. There is alot of lonliness in this passage about "Desert Places". If you haven't noticed the word desert is in the word deserted, which should give a clue on how this person is feeling.

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The World Trade Center

"My whole attitude toward the World Trade Center
Changed overnight. I began to like the way
It comes into view as you reach Sixth Avenue
From any side street, the way the tops
Of the towers dissolve into white skies
In the east when you cross the Hudson
Into the city across the George Washington Bridge".

I like this particular poem not only because it is very literal, but because there is a story behind it. This poem reminds me of a story more than anything. To me this poem reprisented a feeling of loss, and maybe even taking things for granted. People should realize that this world is too short and nothing should be taken for granted. The main message that i got from this poem is that you need to appreciate the things that you have while you have them, because you never know when they will dissappear.

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January 26, 2006

Foster Ch1-3,5

To me chapter 5 is almost like a tie in or "Connect the Dots" as the book stated.

From my personal example, when I read a story for the first time, something always reaccures in my mind or ties in with another story that i have previously read. I take situations from each story and tie them in with one another.

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A new Aura

Majorie was very vain throughout the play. To me she always seemed to do anything she could to make herself look better than Bernice.

I personally enjoyed the end of the play, because it showed a feeling of self confidence in Bernice. When she "scalped" Majorie it sort of reminded me of the Brady Bunch movie, you know how Marsha was always primping and conplimenting herself. Jan finally had it and hacked off Marsha's hair while she slept.
I chuckled when Bernice did the same thing because it was her time for "Sweet Revenge", so they call it.

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Wall VS. Neighbor

I feel that the poet wants to share a special bond with the neighbor. In a way that they always mend the wall in spring. I almost feel that the poet wants to share mending the wall with the neighbor.

Mending Wall also makes a comparison to reality, in a way that people in their everyday lives hold up a personal wall toward others. It seems to me that the poet is trying to send out the message that no body should hold walls up to block others out.
Arguing another viewpoint of the poem. The wall may simply symbolize a form of security.
I do feel though that throughout the poem, the poet seemed to be intimidated by the neighbor. In a way that he never wanted to confront him up front about the wall. The poet would give clues and ask questions, but never specifically told the neighbor anything about the wall.

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