November 19, 2004

Native Americans

While reading the Native American stories, I found plenty of the stories interesting and some also hard to understand. This might be due to how stories were interpreted from generation to generation. As today when individuals are told stories, they tend to add or remove some of the facts of the story.

Some of the stories I found interesting was Crazy Horse and the Flood. Crazy Horse was a fighting machine of the great warrior tribe, Oglala Sioux. I also agree with both Melissa and Nabila blogs that Crazy Horse personal life was not that great. I found the history about Crazy Horse interesting. According to some research, I found that Crazy Horse family were all warriors, but some say Crazy Horse was the son of a medicine man and his mother died when he was a very young age. I also found it shocking that after his mother died, the father took his sister as wife. Why would a father want to marry his own daughter? When I saw this, I taught the father was crazy, but then I told myself, who am I to judge, the father. It was also interesting to have read that he was fighting from a early age.
Evidently, to the tribe Crazy Horse was the strange one because he had spiritual powers. In many of his battles, he fought with sitting bulls. Some of these battles/wars were the Lakota War, which was big between the Indians and white men. Crazy Horse was famous for standing up for the Sioux Indians against the white men. His heart for Indians will never disappear from their minds. From reading Crazy Horse, it seemed that he loved his people. He can even be considered a great leader for individuals. In my opinion, he would be considered an ablest, truest and honorable American Indian.

Posted by Se-AnnWilliams at November 19, 2004 03:42 PM


Thanks for agreeing with my statement. I do believe Crazy Horse might have a good warrior, but his personal life wasn't great. It might have affected his performance in the battlefield, since he was dealing with so many personal issues.


Posted by: NabilaUddin at December 1, 2004 12:10 AM
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