November 30, 2004

Discussion of Robinson

The author Edwin Robinson as a very important poet whose poems are about characters suffering an isolation of some sort. Mr. Flood is a perfect example of his type of work. Mr. Flood is a character whose memories fade and flow just like the tide. Mr. Flood is a loner who is content with the fact that his memories are his most cherished friends. A man, that likes his own company better than the company of others. He only likes himself as the developed through the years. I believe he is alone because he wants to be alone. He has made a choice to remain in solitary and has become alienated with his jug as his only friend.

Through the use of the drinking, Mr. Flood is in the past with friends of other days. These friends seem to be all the company he needs at the moment. Perhaps Mr. Flood is dying and reminiscing that he is old and all his friends have passed away before him. To some other people Mr. Flood might be alone, apparently without family or friends, which might seem depressing. Some might find it hard to understand Mr. Flood’s isolation.
Mr. Flood Party seems to present two worlds, a world of illusion and a world of reality. In my opinion, this poem is about the fleeting passage of out lives and the use of the jug is a symbolic representation of past friends. May be when Mr. Flood was younger, he would eat, drink and be merry with his friends. Now his only friend left to share his life is his jug. With the jug besides him, Mr. Flood re-creates his past world and no longer has need of the presentation. This story has me thinking, that perhaps the jug can also represent Mr. Flood’s life. Once it breaks, he will no longer exist and his life on earth will be over. All in all, I think the jug represents all that is his past, true or broken and the party becomes his future and his life.

Posted by Se-AnnWilliams at November 30, 2004 03:25 PM


I am glad that you like my blogs. :) My favorite story would be Richard Corey, because it ties in with reality and how people act. This is true that movie stars are not really happy. Money and fame does not bring happiness. It is amazing that the rich are miserable people. I would think that they got everything that they wanted, but it's untrue for them.


Posted by: NabilaUddin at December 1, 2004 12:06 AM

I agree with you that money is not everything. If you ask me it is the root to all evil because it can change a person. I also found that piece as a good piece.

Posted by: Se-Ann Williams at December 1, 2004 10:59 AM
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