November 30, 2004

The Girl of the Golden West

The Girl of the Golden West was a very interesting play. The story revolved around three main characters: Rance, Johnson, and The Girl. The play was about a two guys who wanted to be with the Girl. After reading about the author (David Belasco), it was interesting to have found that he was the son of Jewish crown and was born in San Fransico at a time when the city had a growing theatre community following the gold rush. David Belasco received an excellent education at the monastery under the support of one Father Maguire.

He eventually ran away to join a traveling circus, where he learned bareback riding and crowding. He took more and more responsibilities for various productions in and around San Francisco. He acted, rewrote plays and wars as the producing manager. All in all, the Girl of the Golden West better illustrates the work of Belasco. As director and producer, he created the visual and aural effect which established the mood of Western America.

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