November 30, 2004

Wildcard: Arthur Ross Gallery Experience

On June 18, 2004, I attend the Arthur Ross Gallery of University of Pennsylvania. While attending this exhibition, I saw a vast amount of United States history on deaf people and the Deaf community through text, photography and objects, and replicas. However, the information was developed by Gallaudet University with the involvement from members of the deaf community, deaf and hearing individuals, researchers, schools, historians, and museum professionals.

The walls/boards in the gallery also presented major social, economic medical and technological shifts in American society. Some of these events took place were changes that occur within the school settings, changes in segregated schools, home schooling for girls, trade for boys, the struggle between natural and normal oralists, changes in technology (hearing aids, TTYs etc.), and changes in opportunities for deaf individuals.
Although there were many interesting information about the deaf community, I learned more information from the students who were there. There were students from a school for the Deaf at the gallery, while the class was there and we all talked/interact with the students and teachers. The teachers gave us so much information about the studentís interaction with the hearing community. The teacher also interpreted some of the sign for us when we did not understand the students.
This interaction in my opinion was exciting because we also learn more history through the teachers and students that were there. The teachers told us about the different laws for the deaf pertaining to schooling and they also told us about the history if the school the students were representing. The ASL, students and the deaf students went around the gallery together learning about the deaf community together.
All in all, this event to the gallery was very informative and educational. I really did learn a lot about the deaf community and the history that occurred throughout the years. When I first went there, I had no idea about deaf history and the changes that occurs up to present. The deaf community in my opinion like any other community throughout history came a long way the improvement that were made to better the future for the individuals. The information in this gallery has inspired my interest about the deaf community and to learn more about the people in it.

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