November 30, 2004

Portfolio 2

Since taking American Literature, I have been introduced to many literary pieces in this second half of the semester. Each literary piece, I read were all different, but yet they were all related in some way:

* Believe It or Not: The Devil's Dictionary- This piece by Bierce demonstrates words and definitions society at that time. This blog also discusses my feeling and thoughts about the dictionary.

* Native American Literature- This blog has a different shift, it focuses on the story Crazy Horse and on history about Crazy Horse. It also includes research on how importance of Crazy Horse.

* Thoughts on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Freedom- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn blog discusses the overall discussion about Huck and Jim freedom. It also focuses on my thoughts about the novel.

Related Link : Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Relationship and Society

* Who Is He? John Henry Legend- In this American Legend, I discussed how there were different versions of the John Henry. I also presented some of my thoughts about the story.

* Br'er Rabbit- Unlike John Henry, this piece discussed how much harder it was for me to understand the story because of the content used. The blog also discusses the history of Br'er Rabbit and the author.

* What A Case?- The blog discusses the literary piece The Yellow Wallpaper. This entry gives my opinion about the lady in the story and presents my thoughts about using different views to tell the story.

* Discussion on Robinson- This discussion focuses on Robinson's piece called Mr. Flood. Mr. Flood was a perfect example of Robinson's work. This blog demonstrates how Mr. Flood was a character who was a loner and alone. It also presents different perspectives I had about Mr. Flood and his jug.

* The Girl of the Golden West- David Belaso entry discusses the play and a brief summary about the play. It also discusses a brief history about the author.

* Wildcard: Arthur Ross Gallery- This entry is about my visit to Arthur Ross Gallery in Philadelphia this summer. It discusses my experience interacting with the deaf community and learning about history in the deaf community.

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