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November 6, 2005



Lucifer, Bearer of Light
In this blog I discuss the importance of God naming Lucifer the "Bearer of Light" and then casting him into eternal darkness.

There's a Price?
Here I talk about Faustus, in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, not believeing that Lucifer would want something in return for giving him all that he wants.

Hamlet's Revenge
This blog is about the part of Shakespeare's Hamlet that really put the play's actions into motion.


Shakespeare in the Bush
Here I discuss the old man's willingness to make peace with Bohannon when she gets frustrated while trying to tell her story to the council.


What Happened?
Here I did not understand how in Doctor Faustus they were able to enter Vatican City.

The Glass Menagerie (Finish)
Here I left a comment on Lorin's blog about the significance of the unicorn breaking and losing its horn. I think it is one of my best blogs.


The Future, Past, and Present
Here we have a good discussion about the relationship between mothers and their children.

What Happened?
Here is where Dr. Jerz helps me better understand Doctor Faustus.


Sure Thing
I didn't understand it but still had to blog about it.

I blog this really early and had two great comments.


The Glass Menagerie (Finish)
Here is when I offer my opinion about the symbolism of the unicorn in The Glass Menagerie.

The Glass Menagerie and Machinal
Here Chera and I compare the mothers in The Glass Menagerie and Machinal.


News Writing
Here I blog my feelings of a presentation in News Writing one day.

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