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February 27, 2006

The Watch Guard of Peace Time

Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925) -- Jerz: American Lit II (EL 267)

"So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight - watching over nothing." (p. 145)

Jay Gatsby is one of my favorite characters of all time. The mystique of Gatsby that is there throughout chapters 1-3 and then somewhat there in 4-6 is the best part of The Great Gatsby. I don't think any of the decisions Gatsby makes make him less of a man. He loved Daisy with everything in him, all he wanted to do was protect her. I think Tom and Daisy are the most despicable. I still think he is the Great Gatsby

Posted by SeanRunt at February 27, 2006 11:02 PM


I agree, Gatsby does have some admirable qualities. But I think he has some serious flaws, too, especially when it comes to approaching his goals; he goes after Daisy despite her married status, and expects her to live up to an impossible fantasy. He expects the world and people like Daisy and Nick to adapt to his needs, which is selfish, to some extent.

Posted by: ChrisU at March 16, 2006 1:14 AM

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