October 25, 2004

"Thumbs up" to Huck!

I don't know if it is the many psychology courses that I have taken or if I just always go to the iniate beginning of events when determining peoples actions. For example, in class on Monday, the 25th of October, we discussed reasons why the river provides a means of symbolism in Huckleberry Fin. I got to thinking deeply back to the first reason why Huck ventured off to the river. Huck's life seemed for the most part unfair. I didn't feel much love amongst his caregivers, especially with his father. Huck knew and understood that he needed to remove himself from such misery. Being an adolescent, Huck didn't realize what the river would bring him as for obstacles. He just knew that the river flows in the direction he wants to travel.

A river, or just water in general could have many different meanings. Water or a river could be treacherous, or could give a relaxing feeling. Obviously, with this story, the river offers pleasure at first, then flows with many obstacles. Huck wanted to escape, and felt that the river was his best way to transport himself.

I truly feel the river does symbolize Huck's life through adolescence. So far the river has proved to be calm and inviting, while other days the river is furious and unpredictable. These descriptive words I chose in describing the river, calm, inviting, furious, and unpredictable. Aren't these words that can be used to describe an adolescent? Huck doesn't have his family to help him along through such a strenuous period in life; however, Huck does have Jim and no fear at attacking such obstacles in life. Whose to say that maybe those calming nights that the river provided actually guided Hucks thoughts and concerns. I recall when Jim and Huck would gaze up at the stars, is when Huck seemed to go into personal and deep reflection of his thoughts.

I give Huck a thumbs up for taking such entrepreneurial steps and actions with lifes unpredictable obstacles!

Posted by ShannaDeFrances at October 25, 2004 05:14 PM


I do agree that the river is a major symbol of Huck's freedom. Did you ever consider "land" has being a symbol? I think "land" is a symbol of destruction, since death and violence were portrayed more on land than on the river. There was many distrubances on land, and Huck was uneasy. What are your thoughts on this novel? I personally like to read adventure books, so it's pretty exciting for me.


Posted by: NabilaUddin at October 26, 2004 10:24 PM

Hi Nabila,

I do recognize land as a symbol, and your right. In this novel, yes land is quite destructive. Just in our lives, existence on land, on earth alone is an obstacle for all. As for liking adventurous books, unfortunely, I do not read much; however, I did enjoy Huckleberry Finn. As I would read leading up to the climaxes of each adventure, I just couldn't wait to get to the outcome.

Posted by: ShannaDeFrances at October 28, 2004 08:42 AM


I am very glad to read that you see the land as a symbol. I to see the land as a symbol of destruction and as you stated life on earth is essentially an obstacle that we all must overcome and deal with. I also found myself in the same situation that you are in, which is that I do not read much so I did find this book very interesting. I also found myself to be waiting for every adventure and the outcome that would follow. Do you think that after reading this book that adventure books are more your type of book rather than others? I hope this book has inspired you in one way or the other. I hope you hear back from you soon!!

Melissa Hagg

Posted by: Melissa Hagg at October 31, 2004 09:36 PM

Dear Nabila

The river like a nother charater in the novel. It is a place were Huck and Jim run a way form the socitey's hypocrisy, racism, and injustices. It is were Huck and Jim are free. Free to be themselves. The river is good. If it was not for the river Huck and Jim who have never have this advature.

Posted by: jjj at March 16, 2006 04:59 PM
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