December 01, 2004

Hunting and Common Sense

Ok, one of my friends was reading today's newspaper, and in one of the sections she asks me, "Did you hear about that guy who shot his son, while hunting?" My reaction is, "Oh no,not another story about some guy shooting a human rather than a deer." I mean this is in sain. I thought this has to be a joke, but no, it is true. Non-sense, complete non-sense. So the story is that this guy and his son went hunting. The son went off in the woods to try and "push" the deer in the direction of the kid's father. For those who may not quite understand what i mean by pushing, hunters will get into groups and walk through the woods, trying to scare the deer, leading the deer towards the lovely, most anxious hunters. A normal hunter is to where the correct clothing, which hello to the this father, is bright orange apparrel. So yeah, the father thought he saw something moving in the brush (no really), and decided that he would fire off a shot. Perhaps maybe this was his grand 12-point rack he has been waiting for years to stand so proudly and claim as his trophy. Yeah well, the father thought wrong, and had shot and killed his son. Wow. Where's the common sense here people? I mean shouldn't you actually see the animal first before you decide to shoot. No maybe not, what was I thinking?
Aside from this ridiculous story; I mean every year during this nutty hunting season, people are always getting shot and killed.
Now, I am from the country and I am well aware of hunters because all the walking testosterome in and around the household goes for a gallavant in the woods during deer season. My father goes hunting simply because the catch puts dinner on the table throughout the year for his family of seven. I personally do not get invovled. As for hunting and killing animals, I really prefer the fishing scenery. I don't believe that shooting game is a sport for women. I go back to cave days when the men were the hunters, and women were the gatherers-really.

Posted by ShannaDeFrances at December 1, 2004 11:20 AM

I hear you Shanna! I am always so worried that one of my family members is going to get hurt when they go hunting. Hunters today always seem to shoot first and think later. I mean how often do we have to hear about those people that shoot a family member or a hunter that was just a little too close to a residential area? Why can't people just pay attention to where they are and think before they act?

A couple years ago my youngest brother turned 12. It was time for him to start hunting. He took the class and aced the test at the end, but still I was worried about him. More worried than I was about George. I think that I finally understood the dangers that went along with hunting. My dad and brothers are all safe hunters, but I worry about the others out there. Jonathan has so much yet to live for and George is just stepping into the future. Everytime they leave to go out I do my usual rutine of wishing them luck and saying "I love you." Still I can't help thinking this may be the last time I see them.

I know I know...Tiffany is paranoid, but as you said why can't people think before you shoot.

Posted by: Tiffany at December 1, 2004 01:45 PM

Peeps need to trash can those guns, man... those things are just bad news in general.


Posted by: Mike Sichok at December 2, 2004 02:33 AM
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