It was the best of times it was the worst of times

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This is my last blog, and unlike Vanessa's, I'm not that nostalgic about it.  The one regret I do have is that I didn't start college right after high school.  I feel like I missed out on college life and although I did make some really great friends - some of whom I just met or got to know this semester - it isn't the same as being 20 and making life-long friendships with memories.  I don't think I ever put much thought into it until Vanessa said she met one of her best friends through her blogs.  Well anyway, this is my last semester and unlike the traditional students, I won't miss a thing - other than a few smiling faces.  I don't have one more original thought in my head.  I have no idea where I'll teach and I'm not opposed to moving.  I have friends in Seattle and have been toying with that idea for some time.  As for Newswriting - let's just say it's not for me.  I learned a lot.  I had heard of blogging, but never had the faintest desire to know more.  Who knew that I would have my own blogging site?  Once again, unlike Vanessa, I wasn't exactly jazzed about it.  I was just happy to get it up and running.  I think old age has jaded me towards technology.  I want to like it - I really do - I just can't get into it.  The fact that I can download songs onto my MP3 player is nothing short of a miracle.  Back to newswriting.  I have a new respect for reporters.  I don't like working with a deadline.  As an English major I need time to draft and revise.  I like flowery sentences.  I had a really hard time just reporting the facts in an interesting fashion.  I also didn't like approaching people for comments.  That was the worst part.  I felt like an idiot.  But all in all, I didn't HATE the class.  I learned a lot about the industry and the mindset of the people who work in it.  Reading other students' bloggs to see how they responded to the books helped me get a better grip on the readings.  Well, I'm signing-off.  Good-bye Dr. Jerz and good-bye class of EL 227. I'll miss you all.

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Thanks, Shannon. I always enjoy watching students develop their personal writing voice, and watching the class dynamic develop -- and you were an important part of that. I appreciated the perspective you brought to the class.

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