An Accidental Poet


After listening to Prediscussion Podcast 7 I learned that Emily Dickinson can be called an accidental poet.  Most of her poetry came from letters she had sent to her close circle of family.  She created hundreds of private poems on envelopes, scraps of paper, and other various papers.  None of her poetry was published until after her death.  I admire accidental poets more than most poets who published and made a living from their poetry.  To me, the fact that she never went forth to publish her poetry and earn money from it says that she truly loved poetry and used it as a way to express her inner feelings.  This makes the poetry more meaningful because as a reader we can be sure that these poems weren't published with the intent of making money. 

p.s. I want to know who "Master" is!


"truly loved poetry and used it as a way to express her inner feelings." - which why they were probably private and not published while she was living.

Oh my goodness, I also am very curious about the "Master". I agree that her poems are honest and from the heart because she had no other reason for writing them, she made no money from them.

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