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While listening to podcast 5, the idea of Hester conforming to a strict puritan was presented to me. 

"Hold thy tongue, naughty child!"  answered her mother, with an asperity that she had never permitted to herself before.  "Do not tease me; else I shall put thee into the dark closet!" (Hawthorne 204).

This passage reveals Hester scolding and threatening Pearl for a simple question.  This reaction is very unlike Hester who is known to be compassionate and caring.  Here we see the negative effects of society on Hester.  Pearl who is not only innocent but more perceptive than all other characters, inquires about her mother and Dimmesdale's relationship.  Pearl possesses the ability to provoke the adult characters of the novel with her perceptivness and inquiries, which is exactly what she did in order to recieve such a harsh threat from her mother. 

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