Even on a bad day, Nature is still beautiful.

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I chose to write about Emily Dickinson's "Beclouded" for one of my three 200 word paragraphs.  After submitted my assignment I felt as though I could have been more clear in stating my point, so this is attempt number two at trying to clarify my ideas. 

Through the first read of this poem it seems as though Dickinson is merely writing about the unpleasant side of nature.  She uses short choppy sentences to mirror the abrupt unpleasantness of bad weather, and words such as "mean" and "complains" to reveal how this weather is undesireable.  After a few read throughs I finally feel like I grasped what she was actually writing about.  The personification in the final line brings the entire poem together.  "Nature, like us, is sometimes caught without her diadem."  (diadem is like a crown)  The overall meaning of this poem is not that some weather and some aspects of nature are not likable, but instead it is about how nature can have a bad day.  Dickinson relates a bad day for nature to a bad day for a human.  Not everyone/everything can be perfect at all times.  Dickinson wants to get across that despite bad days, nature is still so beautiful.

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