Going Beyond Understanding in EL266 Texts

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            I am a student in Dr. Jerz’s EL266 American Literature 1800-1915.  So far we have read and listened to numerous texts and podcasts.  One important concept that I have learned so far through class is that it is never enough to just read and understand a piece of literature.  One must go beyond that and learn to interpret and analyze all of its pieces.  As this course has progress I feel that I am better able to demonstrate my ability to do this.  The following are examples of blogs that I feel demonstrate my progress so far. 

Coverage and Timeliness:
Even on a Bad Day, Nature is still Beautiful
à This blog discusses the poem “Beclouded” from Emily Dickinson’s “Nature” section.  I analyzed the different techniques present in this poem.

An Accidental Poetà In this blog entry I discussed my intrigue with Emily Dickinson and how she never had the intent to earn a living from her poetry. 


What Really Counts as Originality?à This blog discusses chapters from Foster’s How to Read Literature like a Professor and the idea brought up about originality. I bring up the idea that just because a story’s idea was previously used doesn’t mean the story isn’t original.  All stories come from other stories.  I also incorporated the definitions of “originality” into the blog.

Stereotypical Gender Rolesà This blog goes into depth about roles of women in Washington Irving’s “The Wife”.  A passage from the piece was incorporated and I italicized specific words that support the stereotypical role that women are submissive and dependant.  I then discussed how times have changed and that women today do not fit this role.

John Henry: American Hero or Tall Tale?
à A good discussion as started with this blog about the different versions of the John Henry tale as well as the significance of the ideas within the tale.

Fighting for Identityà Although this blog did not provoke a large quantity of comments, I think it is the quality that counts.  Patrick and Michael left two great, in depth comments that brought up important points and questions about The Scarlet Letter. 

The Benefits of Listening Instead of Looking
à In this blog I discussed how the podcast on dialect was very helpful when trying to understand and interpret works such as Nights With Uncle Remus.  I also linked to Pat’s blog, who offered good advice on understanding difficult dialect. 

Controversy Begins in the Opening Pages of Huck Finnà This blog discussed the techniques used by author Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens.  I cited what novel is being read and I quoted from it.  I then linked this blog to the home page where others are blogging about Huckleberyy Finn.


Unearthly Understanding Regarding Deathà This is Benjamin Davis’s blog.  I commented first on this blog and was followed by different ideas from others.  I also agreed with a point about Dickinson’s view of death that was brought up by Ben.  This idea added to my previous views.

Oh, Those Familiar Blood-Suckers Strike Again…à This is Alwexi Swank’s blog.  I really liked her interpretation of Foster’s chapter about vampirism and I agreed with the ideas she brought forth.


Maybe not all Literature is Enjoyable but…à This blog is a reflection of many years of reading Literature that I do not enjoy.  I am trying to stick to the point I brought up in the first week of class, which is to appreciate all works of literature even if you don’t really like them.  I think I am progressing in this. 

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