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After reading the assigned stories from "Nights with Uncle Remus", I felt a lot of frustration and confusion regarding the dialect.  Because I had such a difficult time understanding Uncle Remus' actual stories, I began to look more at these works as a whole instead of individually.  I listed really obvious facts about the whole that I understood, but then put them together to reveal a meaning behind all the jibberish.  Here's my list:

1.) Little boy being told stories by old man

2.) Black man with a great deal of life experience

3.) Little boy asks questions and recieves generous answers

4.) Each story contains a lesson

So with these obvious facts I was able to put something a little less obvious together.  Uncle Remus is living on a plantation and the little boy is the son of the plantation owner who comes by to listen to stories. (discussed in the podcast) Since this old man has so many stories, he clearly has a great deal of life experience behind him.  Each of his stories contains a lesson that the little boy is able to absourb.  In a way the old man is not only telling the little boy entertaining stories, but teaching lessons and injecting values/morals into his life.  Through this experience a connection builds between the two.  At the beginning of "Mr. Lion Hunts for Mr. Man" the author states, "The little boy didn't understand this harangue at all, but he appreciated it because he recognized it as the prelude to a story."  This small sentence suggests to the reader that through this story-telling the little boy is getting to know the old man.  This suggests a relationship building between the two.

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I sympathize with you on the "jibberish" part of these stories. It took me several attempts to get throught them, but they were entertaining. I seems the innocence of the little boy allowed for a relationship to develop between him and the old man despite their differences.

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