Jennifer's all about Jennifer's body.

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When one thinks about the female characters in a horror movie, there seems to be two main types:  the butt kicking protagonist that never gives up and ultimately defeats (or so we think) the monster, and the slut that is the first to go. In Jennifer's Body,  those rules don't seem to really apply; in fact, none of the elements of horror do. It's all literally about Jennifer's body in this film. Now we all know Megan Fox is gorgeous, but is it necessary to make a movie that simply focuses just on that? I hate to say it, but when I first watched this film, I thought that there was a real movie out there somewhere, and that I was just watching the spoof.

The plot revolved around a virgin sacrifice gone wrong, and when Jennifer realized that she managed to survive, she had to kill people to survive.  To me, that's just about as vague of a plot as humanly possible.  She honestly had no method of revenge, and didn't even attempt to go after the people that wronged her in the beginning.  Then, what really confused me, was that the more people she killed...the prettier she would get...but even though she was in a school full of people, she hardly ever ate. With that said, I'm not sure I would even consider this a horror movie.  I mean, when she bit people, her mouth got bigger and she spewed black stuff every once in a while, but even her victims weren't scared of her.  They were more interested in seeing her body...some even still talked while she killed them as if nothing was going on.  Throw in some awkward teenage lingo, that puts some of Juno's phrases to the test, and we have yet another disappointing horror flick.

--The scariest part was when a deer was licking out a bloody carcass, and that was more of a gross out factor.

The only redeeming quality in this movie was the character of Needy Lesnicky (played by Amanda Seyfired).  Her character added some humor to the movie, but also stuck to the role of the butt kicking protagonist.  For instance, the movie opened in on her being in jail, going over her file that labeled her as a kicker.  In the end, the movie comes full circle, and we learned how she got there, as well as what her plans are for revenge, since she actually plans on getting some. But throughout the movie, she is the only character that seems somewhat dedicated to making a plot, as well as being the only one that seems freaked out by everything that is going on in town.  While she is weird, and kind of unpopular, she since stands out...and does so more than Megan Fox in my opinion.

I would give this movie a 4 overall.


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