Currently Reading Neverland: It's just a game Beau..don'tcha get it

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I'm currently reading Neverland by Douglas Clegg, and after reading about 100 pages or so, I have yet to make an opinion regarding whether or not I like it. When I originally started reading, I was getting so flustered with it that I actually considered just putting it down...but since it's for my graduate class, I decided to give it a second go.  The beginning just really bored me...I felt like the most exciting thing that happened was that Beau's sister Missy accidentally killed her hamster in the car. Big Whoop.  Not exactly what I define as horror though.

Then, I was starting to get enticed by the folklore of the island and the Gullah's but I still haven't heard a good enough ghost story to make me cringe yet.  I mean a babysitter who doesn't shave her leg isn't really that terrifying, unless you're a guy I guess, haha.  Oh, and I can't seem to take this family serious when one of the main characters is called Grandma Weenie.  Call me immature, but that just makes her less threatening in my book.

HOWEVER: spoiler alert
While I originally didn't think much about the Shack that Sumter was infatuated with, I'm starting to think that there may be something in it that could grasp my attention. When Sumter found that dead rabbit on Rabbit island and brought it back for Lucy... I was kind of skeptical about what exactly sacrifice meant for this child--but it seemed like the rabbit was granted life again just so the 'god' could kill it again.  In fact, when Beau kept talking about the rabbit screaming, I think I got my first chill while reading Neverland.

"What walked there behind the thin line of trees, lit by the colors of madness, was not man or woman or animal.  And I knew it was coming for me, with its hooves and claws and fingers and teeth-coming for me to d what only the savage god could do.  Feed. I tried to scream, but had no voice. I tried to scream because I did not want to be alive, because being alive hurt, because being alive mean god would feed on my flesh."-Clegg 87
^No this is what I'm talking about..

This is the kind of writing that I was expecting when I started reading, and I'm glad that it is starting to show up more in the book.  This makes the shack more mysterious and horrifying..especially because there is so much that we, as readers, don't know about it yet.  It's like every time Sumter goes to let Beau in on something, he brushes it off as a trick in the end. Like the first time we see the crab...or when Zinnia goes into the shack.  I'm still not convinced at this point as to whether or not she is dead...if Sumter was really the one who killed her or what?  And while this drives me crazy because I just want to know... it is the sole reason why I'm still reading...I'm curious.

But as we all know..Curiosity killed the cat.

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