Blog Portfolio for Video Game Culture and Theory (EL250) #3

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This is the end.  I have enjoyed the class not only in learning about video game culture and theory but also in learning about my classmates through their blogs and papers.  The class has been challenging at times, especially the work load; however, I have become a better and more informed gamer and will always remember to have fun while gaming.



The third week of class was less intensive due to our research papers and presentations.  Each student was given a chance to lead a discussion on a gaming article from The Players' Realm by Williams and Smith.  The articles varied in topic.  Jessie and Matt led a discussion on console and computer cultures (Platform Dependent).  I delved into children's online gaming (Online Gaming Contracts for Children (Grimes)).  Keith sparked dialogue on the types of players that we are (Eladhari's Journey), and Cody asked our opinion regarding the indie gaming industry (Indie Game Design (Wilson)).  In addition we each created unique presentations to supplement our research papers (Superb Student Presentations).


Here is a list of those other entries that I haven't mentioned.

Theory of Games and Learning · Gaming Pedagogy · Scratch is Not Just for Kids · Creative Ways to Tell Stories · Student Presentation: The Devolution of Resident Evil · Viral Gaming



Many of my blogs were an in-depth look at the course materials and often analyzed academic articles chosen by my peers.  Platform Dependent [Posted on both Jessie's (Taylor Discussion Intro) and Matt's (The Great Debate) blogs.] · Eladhari's Journey · Creative Ways to Tell Stories · Viral Gaming



Indie Game Design (Wilson) My blog on the indie game industry sparked a great interaction with Cody.

Student Presentation: The Devolution of Resident Evil My presentation blog generated great comments from my peers and offered an intense look at what draws or repeals a player to a particular game or genre.



This week, I led the discussion on the article Terms of Service and Terms of Play in Children's Online Gaming by Sara M. Grimes.  I posed five questions to my classmates and received great responses.

Online Gaming Contracts for Children (Grimes)

Beth Anne's response If you want to play, you have to agree to my terms.

Jeremy's response Grimes with (Susan)

Jessie's response Children's Online Gaming--Anything but Childish

Keith's response Grimes with Susan

Matt's response Rules of the Game

In addition to my classmates' responses, I provided follow-up responses to each of their posts. 



Many of my blogs this week were again written the day before they were due; however, they sparked early conversations on the subject at hand.  Some even kept the conversations going after they were due.

Scratch is Not Just for Kids

Creative Ways to Tell Stories

Student Presentation: The Devolution of Resident Evil



I interacted in-depth with my classmates on their own blogs.

Jeremy's EL 250 Eladhari with (Keith)

Jeremy's EL 250 Motion Capturing

Keith's The game of scratch

Keith's Wilson

Jessie's Gaming Reflects Who You Are

Jessie's Violent Video Games Presentation

Cody's Straying from the norm...

Beth Anne's Technology and Game Design

Beth Anne's Historical video games are more than just fun.

Matt's Mods

Matt's Silent Horror - An Interactive Fiction



Viral Gaming

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