Creative Ways to Tell Stories

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Dr. Jerz's overview of modding, machinima, and motion caption provided great examples of how ordinary people are creating extraordinary things with games.  My personal favorite is machinima.  I have seen many examples of machinima before, but I did not know the correct terminology for it.  Machinima series are very popular on YouTube, and I think that I may use one or two for my creative presentation.  Motion capture was brought into the limelight with Gollum from LOTR.  Gollum was very impressive to me according to the Uncanny Valley theory because it looked human-like.  On the other hand, the characters in The Polar Express were never impressive to me, and as a result I hate watching that movie, despite its feel-good story.  It might also have to do with the fact that I can tell every character that Tom Hanks voices; therefore, I lose the magic of them being different.  I chuckled when Dr. Jerz wrote about clowns because I absolutely despise clowns.  Although I blame it on Stephen King's It.  As technology continues to advance and more tools become available to the general public, I hope to see more great avenues for fan storytelling.

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