Eladhari's Journey

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Keith Campbell's blog discusses Mirjam Eladhari's article The Player's Journey.  Keith asks us to reflect upon the following quote, "In relation to us as humans it is not uncommon to ask ourselves what we would do in a critical situation."  Although I have not played many online multiplayer games, I have played some multiplayer and team oriented console games with my family.  In the event of a fight, I always stand side-by-side with my team to defeat the enemy at hand.  I think that this is a good reflection of me as a person because I believe in always doing the right thing, even if it will be difficult.  Thankfully I have not encountered many critical situations in my life, so the above answer may not hold true even if I believe that it will.  According to Eladhari's diagram of three different groups of players, I am a player who plays me.  Although I may change my appearance, gender, race, etc. I still make the same choices that I would in real-life.  It might be fun to role-play differently, but it is always more comfortable to be yourself.


Jeremy Barrick said:

I think that it's great to be able to hide our identities yet expose our personalities when playing online games. That way, we get to be somebody else, an alter-ego of sorts. But when it comes time to using our own experiences in a game, I feel that that's what makes us us, our actions.

Keith Campbell said:

I agree with what Jeremy has said. It is a lot of fun creating a played that does not look like you but the character does portray your real life personality. When the time comes to make a choose an action it is always our personalities that come out in that choice.

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