Indie Game Design (Wilson)

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I cannot recall if I have ever played an indie game; however, I checked out IndieGames to familiarize myself with some popular game titles.  Their site provided great resources for indie game developers to connect with and support one other.  I have also never developed my own game and have no knowledge of coding.  (I will definitely be playing around with Scratch in the future.)  I believe that the video game industry is at a disadvantage if cutting-edge technology is not made available to everyone.  I can understand the big companies developing games across all platforms to maximize their profits, but sometimes the pure magic of gaming gets lost in translation.  Indie games break the norms in gaming and offer the player a whole new and fresh experience.  Wilson states that indie developers are "a crucial driver of innovation and expansion in game design."  These developers are free to push the boundaries regarding new media art and hot topic issues.  If more attention can be brought to these games, positive or negative, then maybe players and the industry will experience a change for the better, and both "big gaming" and "indie gaming" can co-exist on a level playing field.


Cody Naylor said:

I enjoy the idea of the video game utopia that your response brings up... a golden age of video games, if you will, in which professional designers and indie programmers could work in perfect harmony. I would love to see it, I just don't think it will happen any time soon... I think that industry professionals are for the most part glad that the technology to create cutting-edge games isn't widely available because all someone who was well-versed in coding and working with the new technology (I don't know how they'd gain that skill/knowledge) would have to do is obtain a console and the tech and then just sit back and make their own games instead of buying from the companies who produce games...
P.S. I'm excited you're going to play around with Scrath... after reading about it, I looked into it and it is kind of fun!

Susan Carmichael said:

Scratch is fun but also a little frustrating as well. I know that I will not be able to develop a game by the time this class ends but maybe a tiny project.

Susan Carmichael said:

I agree that my utopia might not be realized any time soon. Even though there is less competition from indie developers, the big gaming industry should not write them off as a non-threat. All it takes is one person to change the industry, and that can come from either side.

Cody Naylor said:

Well said, Susan :)

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