Scratch is Not Just for Kids

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The Scratch program developed by students at MIT is a great program for not only children to learn about computer programming but for adults as well.  It encourages creative play through trial and error.  I especially like the fact that the coding blocks show how they fit together properly, so that everything works logically.  A lot of thought went into this program in order to make the tools understandable and complete.  Even the simple paint application can create some great effects on the sprites.  The introduction video offered a wonderful look at the creations possible from music to video, and they were all done by children!  I definitely want to explore this program more, but I will wait until our class is over because I envision myself taking up too much time playing with it!


Jessie Krehlik said:

I'm interested in experimenting with the program too. It's just incredible that children are capable of so much from such a complex, yet simplified programming tool. It's definitely an interesting way to introduce kids to a new program like that. I bet it'll be interesting to check out those same kids in ten years time to see what they're up to.

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