February 21, 2007

Merry Go Round of Obeying - Blog Carnival Topic

The essay that had the biggest impact on me for this set of readings was Paul Yachnin's "Shakespeare and the Idea of Obedience: Gonzalo in The Tempest." In my original entry on this topic I mentioned that I couldn't believe I hadn't seen this before. Then I realized to myself that something was missing from this part of the essay. There are many reasons behind this, one of which is simply that after reading the blog entries on classmates I can't help but shake the feeling that Ariel's character is yet another character that is forced into the obeying circle.

Ok. I'm not sure who's blog I mentioned this on (I could have sworn it was Kevin Hinton, but now I can't find the blog entry for Yachnin on his blog), but it was the one that sparked my questioning on Ariel. I remember wondering to myself if others felt the same way and so proceeded to ask a few other what their thoughts were. While no one really responded to my question I have been pondering this since we talked about the essay in class. The reasoning behind this is that even though Ariel is trying to work towards his freedom that freedom depends on him obeying the every whim of Prospero.

Maybe I was just going out on a limb because I finally was able to understand an article, but in all reality it could be argued that this is true. For example, all throughout the play Ariel is carrying out Prospero's orders so that he is able to mastermind his plan from the comfort of his own home. It is exactly what Antonio did to Gonzalo. Antonio ordered Gonzalo to leave Prospero and Miranda adrift at sea so that Antonio could sit back on the throne and think about how amazing he is becuase he was able to kick his brother out of Milan and carry out his other plans. Also, by both Ariel and Gonzalo carrying out their orders the political makeup of their respective leaders was able to remain in tact. This goes along with Yachnin's argument that even though Gonzalo was committing treason against Prospero he was allowing the city to continue to exsist. Because Ariel obeys Prospero he is able to give Prospero the leverage Prospero needs to retake what was his effectively securing Ariel's own freedom.

Well, it is now time to get off this merry go round. I hope you all enjoyed the ride!

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