March 18, 2007

Learning history through the novel

I know that this is going to sound a bit strange, but I decided to look up my term this week after a conversation with my dad. My dad reads a lot of historical fiction for his pleasure (quite opposite of me with my fantasy obsession). While both of us tend to swap books every so often he still doesn't understand the difference between the genres. He thinks that books are books and there is nothing else to it. Well to prove to him that he was wrong I opened my Bedford and looked up the definitions of several different genres of literature. What he didn't understand was that there are different characteristics to each of the genres. When I got to the historical novel he was able to pick out the different characteristics to the genre before I read them to him. It was interesting to hear the light bulb come on in my dad's head. Our parents teach us so much that I never thought I would teach my parents anything. Who knew.

An interesting point to note also is that one of the examples listed in Bedford for a historical novel is the James McBride novel that I read in American Lit 1815-Present - Miracle at St. Anna.

Murfin and Ray, Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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