March 26, 2007

Concrete Poetry is Postmodern????

Ok. So I have to say that I still really don't understand this whole idea of postmodernism thus entering the Good Ol' Bedford. I looked up the word and realized that it went on for a page and a half, wondered what I got myself into and then found the following sentence:

Postmodernist literary developments include such genres as the Absurd, the antinovel, concrete poetry, and other forms of avant-garde poetry written inf free vers and challenging the ideological assumptions of contemporary society.

I stumbled when I got to the words concrete poetry. Here I was thinking that this wonderful and fun part of literature was just something that someone created one day. I had no idea that it was part of such a crucial movement in art and literature. This is also the third time this semester that I have come across this phrase. It is like God is trying to tell me something. (Ok maybe not really, but it still is weird that I went a really long time without ever thinking about it (I think the last time was American Lit in Sophomore year) and have now come across it a third time in one semester.) I have to say that I was as surprised to see the others in this category, but, now that I think about it, concrete poetry really does fit here too!

Murfin and Ray, Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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