May 3, 2007

Sixteen pages!!!

Well, as I sit here and type this blog, the gracious Valerie is reading my first draft of my paper. She is finding things that I don't know what I would find or not seeing as I haven't even read it myself yet. I'm going to work on it some more tonight after Grey's and hopefully some enlightenment from Dr. Jerz tomorrow during our meeting will help me out. I think that I have found a title for my paper which will be helpful and I found it through a workshop that happened at the beginning of the class.

The extra hour in class to work on the paper really is helping me a lot. I think that I have worked for the hour the best on the "Blue print" paragraph that Dr. Jerz mentioned. I just hope that when I read this paper it makes sense to me. I know that there are some huge holes in my argument, but in the end I know that this is the biggest accomplishment for me of the whole semester.

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