September 30, 2003


A friend of mine once told me "You know why they call it Life? Because all the other four letter words were taken."

I am starting to agree with him.

Why does life always have to throw curve balls at you? Seriously. It seems that everytime my life is starting look like heaven something comes to get in the way of that happiness. There are complications to everything. For example. My mother was doing great and then the doctors told her that she had to choose between two operations that she needs or she will either be unable to use her hand or be cripple for the rest of her life. In other words she has to chose between walking and writing. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?! That's just one thing that I am struggling with right now. There are countless other obstacles that are getting in the way to my happiness. Another is there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in a day. I always have so much to do that my body just shuts down and I don't want to do it anymore. So I pick up a book read while at the same time blowing off my other homework. Oh Well! I feel better now.


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September 29, 2003


Wow was this weekend packed! I had soo much fun doing all the different things that were around campus to do. This is a whole new experiance for me. Unlike most high schools, homecoming at Serra was pretty plain. We never really did anything out of the ordinary and the highlight of homecoming week would have to be the powderpuff game and walk-a-thon during school on Friday. But here...jeeze there was a lot to do. Saturday was so packed that I didn't know what to do with myself. Lunch and dinner we were serandaded by a Dixie Land Band and Carmen's Neon Swing X-Periance....even though the weather didn't cooperate...It was still a good time.

Ok...Now if you are reading this you must be really interested in my weekend. So here goes. As I said above, Saturday was packed! I woke up late because Friday I went home for a couple of minutes with my friend Aaron so that he could pick up a banjo from my neighbor so that he could play it with the Dixie Land Band on Saturday. I ate lunch while listening to him and my friends Drew and Tom DeCarlo. Then, because I really didn't eat much during lunch, I went to Havey and was told to eat a hot dog. I got my face painted and then ended up going to the soccer game. Our girls soccer team is really good. Well, here is where the weather starts not cooperating. It started to POUR! So my friends and I made an umbrella city type deal and when that didn't work we all booked it back to the tents that they had up and decided that it was getting too cold so we went to Brownlee. There we decided to go to dinner. Well, at dinner there was swing dancing with Carmen's group. I had sooo much fun. I got to learn how to swing dance and dance with my friends.

Again here is where things get ugly. I decided to go outside for a bit and cool off. I was talking with my friends Anne and Stevan when *BOOM* vertigo kicks in! I don't remember much but from what people say I went wet noodle and was telling people to go and get my meds. (THANKS LORI!!!! WAY TO RUN GIRLY!) All I remember is the world spinning like nuts and my head feeling like it was going to explode. I probably made it worse because I panicked when it was so bad. It has never been as bad as it was then. I think it was because I was finally standing still. Well after that little episode, I went back to the dorm to get ready for the Brownie Mary concert and the dance that was following it.

The concert was great and the dance was a blast! After the dance (or after for me) I hung out with a friend of mine and we had fun just talking to the point were I didn't get in until like 4.

And finally yesterday. The concert in the music department was AMAZING! There are so many talented people in the field of music here that I was just blown away. All the groups sounded wonderful and I was very entertained!

Ok...Well I have bored you all enough. Later!


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TV News

Ok, TV News. We all like it and we all watch it, but from what I read on this site it's not all its cracked up to be. I knew that the local stations were looking to get viewers, however I never understood that they were only looking to get viewers. It never occured to me that TV news broadcasts were going to be jepordized because of viewers.

When I read this site all I felt for the TV news was cheated. I felt cheated out of what I could have learned and that I was actually only getting a couple of minutes worth of news in each broadcast because of all the commercials, weather, sports and everything else that they throw into the mix just to get viewers to come and see their show. Now that I have a more in depth look at the TV news I will most likely take to reading the newspaper more, at least there I can get the news I want without the commercials.


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September 26, 2003


Here is page 161 Exercises 8 and 9

Tiffany Brattina
Practice of Journalism
Pg. 162 #8-9


Rosellen Clark Moller won't be the only person placing flowers on her son's grave on the second anniversary of his death next June.
There'll be a bundle from the Butler County woman who caused the traffic accident that killed Glenn Clark and injured his wife, Annette, so severely that she is now in what doctors believe is an irreversible coma.
Jennifer Dawn Langston will bring the flowers because she has to. She's required by the terms of her probation to personally deliver them to Glenn Clark's grave and to the accident site on the anniversary of his death every year for the next five years
Who – Jennifer Dawn Langston
What- must place flowers on the grave of Glenn Clark
When – on the anniversary of his death every year for the next five years
Where – Butler County
Why – as part of her probation
How – not answered
Delayed-Identification Lead
A little boy whose stiff-jointed running style led family members to lovingly dub him "the old man" is the first local recipient of a new treatment for a rare genetic disorder.
Yesterday, 5-year-old Andrue Mosley of Plum received his sixth weekly infusion of an enzyme that doctors hope will eventually restore the youthful spring in his step.
Who – Andrue Mosley
What – received an enzyme
When – Yesterday
Where – Plum
Why – To help him with his rare genetic disorder
How – by weekly infusions
Delayed-Identification Lead
Pope John Paul II skipped his weekly public audience Wednesday because of what the Vatican called mild "intestinal problems," but the frail pontiff briefly addressed the pilgrims in a television hookup from his vacation residence.
Who – Pope John Paul II
What – Skipped weekly audience
When – Wednesday
Where – Vatican City
Why – mild “intestinal problems”
How – not available
Immediate-Identification Lead
President Bush will be meeting with more foreign leaders today, including German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.
Who – President Bush
What – will be meeting with foreign leaders
When – today
Where – not available
Why – not available
How – not available
Immediate-Identification Lead
An audit of Shuman Juvenile Detention Center shows the facility is slightly deficient in some areas, but it received what appears to be a passing grade.
The audit, released Monday by Allegheny County Controller Dan Onorato, is based on information gleaned from January 2002 to February 2003. It was done to determine Shuman Center's compliance with regulations and standards set by the state Department of Public Welfare, which provides most of the center's funding.
Who – Shuman juvenile Detention Center
What – an audit
When – between January 2002 to February 2003
Where – The center
Why – to determine Shuman Center’s compliance with regulations and standareds
How – not available
Summary Lead
Allegheny County Chief Executive Jim Roddey took his crusade against row offices to a new level last night, proposing to cut $6.5 million from their budgets to pay for a $23-per-homeowner tax cut.
Who – Jim Roddey
What – Crusade against row offices
When – Last night
Where – In Allegheny County
Why – for a $23-per-homeowner tax cut
How – by taking $6.5 million from row office budgets
Immediate-Identification Lead

I chose to do a story on OPEC cutting its production. I used ABC News and the Toronto Star as my two comparisons. It seemed to me that the ABC version of the story was more focused on what OPEC does for the oil production in the world and the Toronto Star was more focused on what the cut would do to the worlds stock market. They both used Summary Leads for their stories and gave the answers to the basic six questions. I found it interesting that the stories were based off the same basic story but they changed their look at it.

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September 25, 2003

A Poem For You

Sitting in my room pondering what I can do,
When into my head pop up thoughts about you.
As I think on all the good times we have,
I can't help but feel anything but sad.
As I watch your pain and see your torture
I have to wonder about your future.
The future is a very bright thing,
why not just put the past behind you and get out of the ring.
In the end you will see there is more to be had,
than a heartful of troubles and empty hands.

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September 23, 2003


"You know why they call it life...Because all the other four letter words were taken."

Life has a way of throwing little loops into your everyday routine. Be it a "love interest" or your little brother being taken to the hospital, you never know what the day is going to bring.
The reason I say this is because yesterday pretty much bit the big one for me. I woke up and was feeling like CRAP! Then I went to my math class at 8:00 AM and got back the test I took on Friday just to discover that I did a lot worse than I had originally thought. Then after that class I go to sit in the Maura Solarium and my roommate comes up to me and says that we are going to have a meeting with our RA and discuss setting "boundaries and quiet times." But see here's the thing, I didn't even know we were having any problems! Then when I call my mom to vent a little bit, she answers the phone in the Emergency Room of the hospital. She proceeds to tell me that what we thought was a pulled groin on my 12 year old brother is really a virus in his hip joints. So he is taking 6 Advil a day and if it doesn't get any better by tomorrow they are going to admit him to the hospital to have some tests done. Then the rest of the day after that IT RAINED!!!!!!!!!!! However, that is another story all in itself.
Then to top the day off all freshman and athletes were required to go to this drug and alcohol assembly. I can say one thing. That assembly really moved me. I was definetly one of those that were crying. I don't think that I will get those pictures out my head for a long time. Especially the one. My birthday is November 26, 1984. Well the one picture at the end of the show was of a kid who overdosed on November 26, 1998. When I was celebrating my 14th birthday, this kid was dying of an overdose. It really brings things into perspective for a person.
Well, I guess the gist of this blog is that no matter what happens in life you have to keep on going and not let anything get you down.


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Journalism Exercises

Page 161 #1-4

Let me tell you how upset I was to discover that I had written out the entire assignment just to be told in class on Monday that we were to put them online here in our blogs. Now you see here is the problem. I type much faster than I can write and I wasted like 25 minutes writting out this assignment when in all reality it could have taken me 10. Oh well. What can you do.


1) Who- United Jewish Appeal
What- Walk-a-Thon
Where- Springfield
When- This Morning
Why- to raise money for the soup kitchen
How- not available

2) D. Who, What, When, Why, and How

3) C. A new disclosure law goin into effect today will make it easier for YOU to determine the cost of a funeral.
D. Twelve years after first being proposed, a federal regulation goes into effect Monday to require funeral homes to provide an itemized list of services and materials they offer, along with the cost of each item, before YOU agree to any arrangements.

I think that by using the second person or "you" tense, the story becomes more personal and will attract the interest of the reader easier.

4) On Tuesday, a nuclear weapon with a yield equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT was detonated 2,000 feet beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert. The United States government continues to test its nublear weaponry, even though just 40 miles away there was a gathering of 450 physicians and a number of peace activists.

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September 22, 2003

The band competion

This weekend was crazy. I went home on Friday just to discover that my mother had volunteered me to go back to my high school and help out with my school's first ever band competition. It wasn't a problem, until I arrived and recieved my assignment. I was to escort the Steel Valley Marching Band...ALL DAY! Now see you have to understand that when I was in band and travel to these school's the people that would be with my band would always be really pushy and in the end not know what they were doing any how. I was determined not to be that kind of person, so when Steel Valley arrived I introduced myself to their band director and told them what was going on. Because my high school was so small everything had to run like clock work. Of course, it didn't.
When I took Steel Valley to their warm up area, McKeesport was there, so Steel Valley's director decided that he would move his band to the other side of the field. The problem was that there was supposed to be another band there. So I sorted out the problem and they ended up going on in time and had enough warm up and all that jazz. The rest of the day went pretty smooth, and my high school marching band took the field and did an amazing show. However, not according to the judges. They gave them a terrible score and their comments didn't make any sense so of course Mr. Gallagher (the band director of Serra's band) was really upset. Oh well. Here's to next week.

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September 19, 2003

Starting Up

Hey there. I was never very good at keeping a journal and I never really like sharing my life or class life in writing. I am one that talks about what's going on in my life, but I will make an effort to do whatever I can to make this blog as interesting as possible.

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