October 26, 2003

Quiz Answers

These are the answers from the pop quizzes I definetly failed miserably. Hopefully I now have the correct responses.

Quiz from Wednesday, October 22, 2003:

1) If a study claims the number of people with a particular disease is rising, how might that be good news?

This might be good news because one news story never shows the whole picture. There are always at least two points of view and often two stories will contradict one another. Therefore the study on a particular disease rising might be good news because depending on how the article was written it could leave a different impression on the reader.

2) Give two examples of the same poll question- on designed to be unfair to one side and one unfair to the other.

I understand now why this question was supposed to be easy. The answer is right in the book.

"Do you favor or oppose allowing students or parents choose a private school to attend at public expense?'
"Do you think that tax dollars should be used to assist parents who send their children to private, parochial or religious schools, or should tax dollars be spent to improve public schools?"

Quiz answers from Thursday, October 23, 2003

1) Explain the difference between a map and territory?

A map is something that can be related to real life, however a territory is something that is reported in relation to real life. This can be confusing and inaccurate if one does not check his or her sources to be sure they are credible. Map or territory can change due to misleading or wrong information, as well as, comparing things that are completely different.

2) What is a hedgehog interpretation?

A hedgehog interpretation is looking at only one big thing instead of looking at other importanted details as well.

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October 15, 2003

Here we go again!

The Fall break is over and everyone is heading back to classes today, however the general concensus is that it was too short. Many of those I talked to spent their weekend catching up on sleep, a word most of us have forgotten. What did you do over your Fall break?

I spent my weekend taking care of my mother, practicing, going to my high school to do work for one of my classes here, going to homecoming at that high school, and dealing with my 12 y/o little brother. Needless to say it was a busy weekend. I did however go and see the Rundown. That is the funniest movie I have seen in a really long time, but out of the group I was the only one that liked it. Perhaps that would be because I am completely infatuated with Sean William Scott. He is an absolutely beautiful man. I'm sorry, but he is.

Ok. Back to the real world. I am not looking forward to the rest of the semester. After looking at my syllabus's for all of my classes, I have already decided that my life is over until December. I have at least four projects due by the end of November and who knows what my other two classes will bring. Did you guys know that there is like only 6 weeks until finals? I can't believe that they are here already! Bring on the stress.

Oh well. I hope you all had an excellent weekend, and just remember. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Another break will soon be upon us.


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October 14, 2003

Blondes are Endangered?

We were asked to read an article on how blondes are going to becoming extinct in the next 200 years. When the assignment was first given I was shocked because I am blonde, or at least I am when my hair decides it wants to be. I have never in my life used dyes or highlights or lowlights or anything like that in my hair. My hair is natural and I am proud of it. My opinion is the author of this article just wanted to peeve some people off.

I decided to do a google search on the topic and the first thing on the list is a listing for Super-Hair.Net and in their headlines under New is supposedly an article on the subject, however when you click on the link there is no story there. This has to tell a person that this article has no real bearing on what is happening in real life.

Besides how would you calculate something like that? Why would someone care whether or not they are becoming extinct anyhow? Like the article says, there are more people out there with Bottled-Blonde hair than there are the natural Blondes. Again, why would you care? I guess that is all I am having a problem with.



After thinking about the article and my family history, I realized that even if you needed your grandparents on both sides of your family to be blondes my question is why am I blonde then? My dad is blonde and my dad's mother was blonde, but none of my other family members are blonde...interesting.

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October 11, 2003

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today was Serra Catholic's Homecoming Game. I haven't seen the football team so ready to play in a long time. It seemed like the guys just wanted it today. They worked hard, they came out strong, and really gave Leechburg a run for their money. The game was really close too. I thought that a couple times in the end of the game that it was over and we had lost, but the guys kept on playing and they didn't let anything slow them down. I haven't enjoyed a football game so much since NEVER! There were a lot of people there too. The band (which is the reason I was at the game in the first place I'm sad to say) actually supported the team. This was a first for me. I was in the band for four years and for four years we never once really did much but play stand cheers that no one listened to anyway, but today was amazing! Well, that's all for now. I just felt the need to share!


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October 9, 2003

Required Blog

Ok. So this is kinda late but on the New Media Journalism page Dr. Jerz posted a required reading on reporters lurking on the internet. After reading the piece I have decided that as long as a reporter identifies themselves and properly use their sorces I don't see why there should be a problem. If a reporter is responsible for what goes on in their article and know his or her sources that should be good enough. Who cares where they meet them. Enough said.

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October 7, 2003

Roommate Disasters

Ok. When people move into their dorm in college they always have one thought on their minds, am I going to get along with my roommate? For most of those who ask this question the answer is yes, but there are those few that just can't get along with the person they are living with. I am one of those people.

So I went to the meeting in the BUG last night and it started out alright, but then it turned into a disaster. Kristin (the girl I am moving in with) and I sat toward the back of the discussion because we knew that one way or another we were moving in together, however there was a catch. Juli, Kristin's current roommate, decided that she was not moving out if she couldn't stay on Second Brownlee. This started a downhill snowball that caused others to start saying the same thing. The meeting that should have lasted a half hour at the most ended up lasting 45 minutes to an hour. I have to give major thanks to the RA's and Amber for being so incredibly patient with a couple of the girls that were being a real pain. In the end it was all worked out and Juli doesn't have to leave Second Brownlee. We will just have to see what happens tonight when the moving goes on. Who knows what drama will happen then.

I found an interesting site that has roommate disaster stories posted for our review. Here take a peek! But just a warning. Some of this stuff can be pretty graphic.

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October 6, 2003


Ok so a couple of you have read Amanda's entry on not getting sick...WELL IT DOESN'T WORK! I got soo incredibly sick this weekend it wasn't even funny. I lost my voice, I couldn't breathe, my throat was swollen and sore from coughing, and the worst part is...I CAN'T SLEEP NOW BECAUSE I SLEPT THE WEEKEND AWAY!

Here is the course of events:

1) I called my mom at about 2:30 PM Friday to see what time she was picking me up to bring me home after work. Her response was you are calling off work because you can barely talk and I am coming for you now.

2) I get home at about 4:30ish and my mom makes dinner, which was really good even though it hurt to swallow, and then made me take Nyquil and go to bed. Now anyone who has ever taken Nyquil knows about its effects on people. Basically I was dead. (Click here for a fun poem on Nyquil!)

3) Woke up at about 2:30 AM Saturday and my mother again made me take some Nyquil and go back to bed after giving me tea and soup.

4) Woke up at 10 AM Saturday morning just to be told I had half an hour to shake off the aftereffects of Nyquil and get ready for a performance at which I was supposed to sing. Well the singing never happened because I could barely whisper.

5) Upon arrival at the performance, my mom gets more tea and makes me drink it, but it doesn't have the effect everyone was hoping for and someone else had to sing my solo. However, in between sets at the show I did get to take naps. MORE SLEEP!

(So quick recap...My mom made me sleep and approximated 20 hours from Friday to Saturday.

6) My uncle and aunts bring be back here to Seton Hill at about 8 PM on Saturday night. I was so incredibly hyper that I didn't get to my room until like 2 AM Sunday and well 1/2 hour later I was asleep and I didn't wake up until 9 AM this morning.


Any questions.....


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October 1, 2003


Hey everyone! This poem just popped into my head and I needed to get it out before my head exploded.


My thoughts are blurred with confusion.
My heart screams that it needs resolution.
Both are armed and ready for battle.
Both are looking to by my knight in the sattle.
Two men with great talents and destinies.
Two dreams with determination and hope holding the seams.
The feelings I have for both are staggaring.
The pain at hurting one is outstanding.
How do I deal with the look in their eyes'?
How do I coose between two wonderful guys?


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Fall has arrived!

Well folks. October is here and so are the massive amounts of cold weather. I know that it is only going to get worse, but come on. It's only October and the forcasters are calling for snow on Thursday. How crazy is that? The cold weather is already causing problems. From people getting sick, to people twisting ankles on the side walks from all the mud that is there. There is one bonus though to all the cold weather. The trees will be changing colors soon. My family has a camp near Dubois and I love to go there in the fall and just look at all the trees that surround our trailer. It's georgeous and not to mention peaceful. I'm looking for the same results to happen here. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to the fall or do you wish it was still summer?


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