July 22, 2004


Ok. So the following poem is untitled for right now because I can't think of one. Input on the would be greatly appriciated. So here it is....

Why do you hold my heart in your hands?
Grasping tightly, but not really nowing it's there.
The look of friendship is strong in your brown eyes,
And my mind yells at me to take back what is mine.
"Wait for awhile and you will find love!" It cries.
Others say he is not the one for me,
And yet her is the one that is haunting my dreams.
Perhaps friendship is all we are meant to have.
But, I can't believe it is over before we barely began.
The years may pass by and change the guy from him,
However for today it is he clutching desperately my heart.
For whatever reason he is hanging on without conscious thought.
I will let this play the entire way through.
If I am to be left broken fine, but if not I will remain.

I know I know.....very rough. But this is what I wrote at 3 in the morning half asleep. What do you guys think?

Feedback greatly appriciated and wanted.

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July 21, 2004

I'm so ashamed!

Well I have failed at what I hoped not to do. Until this entry I had maintained my wish to keeping at least one entry up and much to my dismay when I went to my blog this afternoon it was incredibly empty. I know that I do not have the huge audience that my other bloginator pals do, but I make an honest effort to keep and entry here at all times.

Oh well...

So I wanted to make an entry today about this weekend. I will be heading up to Michigan for the yearly family reunion of my mother's family, but I'm sure that this year is going to be much different. You see my cousin died in Haiti (don't worry he had been sick for a long time) before I went to Croatia and they had all sorts of trouble getting him back, so my mom, brothers, and I never really got to say goodbye. I'm not so sure how this is going to affect the way the party is going to be. I'm excited and yet at the same time embarrassed by my excitement because of what my family in Michigan is going through. Is this wrong?

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July 11, 2004

I'm Back!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!! I'm back from Croatia and although I miss the country it's good to be home. So much happened on the trip I don't know where to begin now that I have all the time in the world to make an entry.

Well everyone heard about the fiasco before we got there. I couldn't believe we had to sit on the runway for three hours. Anyway. We did a lot of touring, saw a lot of beautiful things, and the food was fabulous. If you are going to be at the Orientation on the 17th I'll make sure I have my computer so that people can see the pics I took. There are a ton of them...

Now I wasn't just there to tour. We went to perform as well. We had five shows and they all went perfectly. I received many compliments on my voice from my solo. I just felt bad because I couldn't understand my well wishers half the time. God bless interpreters. A couple of the shows we did the people couldn't believe that we didn't speak Croatian because of the way we performed it. They also couldn't believe that I had no idea what I was singing. My song is called Zora Svanula and apparently I made people cry at how well I portrayed the feeling of the song. Go figure.

Well if any one has anymore questions about the trip leave a comment and I'll let ya know if I can.

I can't believe how many blog entries I have missed...It's going to take me forever to catch up.....

Well here I go....


Yes Karissa....I have your Sugarpackets!!!

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July 2, 2004

Time to play...name that capital!!!!

That is correct everyone...I have arrived in Zagreb and it is festival weekend. I know that there are a couple of cities missing from my timeline so let me fill you in...

After we left Dubrovnik, we arrived in Split. One of the girls was from there and we got to meet her family. They were very nice. The city itself was a little bit dirty, kinda like Downtown Pittsburgh after a football game. However, I discovered that Split has one of the oldest Roman influences in this part of the world. The main part of the city is actually the Roman Palace.

From there we heading up the coast to the Plitevice Lakes (Excuse my spellings please. I am not entirely sure that is correct.) It was one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. The Lakes are full of waterfalls that have formed naturally. It is a miracle that they survived the war.

And now I am sitting on my first evening in the Capital of this country, Zagreb. Who knows what is coming next, but I know that it will be spectacular!!!

Miss YA!!!


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