August 30, 2004

Back on Campus and loving it!

Hey everyone! I know that I haven't posted in a while but this is the first chace I have had. There have been many many things that have happened since I posted last Sunday. So let me start with Tuesday...

So Tuesday I arrive on campus at around 1:30ish and I get ready to do Orientation stuff. All we did was have a meeting. It was great. Not much happened. Same with Wednesday. We just had a meeting and went on our merry way. Thursday was a little bit more hectic. It was the final orientation day and students that weren't on sports teams but there for the orientation were moving in. Others were registering and going through the process. I had to help out Jeanne with the comp intro and then I had to get ready for the next day which was Griffin Days.

While we were planning Griffin Days I was excited. There were so many fun things to do that I thought the new incoming freshmen would enjoy it. Boy was I wrong. Each way I turned there were freshmen that complained about everything. By yesterday I was so frustrated and ill that I just crashed at 10 last night and didn't care anymore. I do have to say that the Variety Show was a hit, as was the dance that followed. The only problem with the dance were the slightly inherbreated people. Other than that though I just didn't feel like everything the OA's did was worth anything. I have never felt so much disappointment in my life. And it was a disappointment that I didn't need. I could have been getting ready to move into my new residence.

That brings me to my next topic. The new residence hall that I am living in. First let me say that I hate the fact that I couldn't move in (even though it was completed) until Sunday morning at the crack of dawn simply because some guy decided it would be a bad idea. Next I feel bad for the RA's that moved all of Dr. Robin's stuff from storage and Havey just to be told they weren't allowed in until everyone else moved in. Also, I want to know who the heck chose the color schemes in the building. Now what you guys have to understand is that there are Orange and Red carpets in the hallway, and a myriad of grays for the carpets in our rooms. The walls are baby blue and a sort of neon green color. All under halogen lights. Not at all what one would call pleasing to the eye. Ok. Let's move on to the single rooms (of which I am glad not to be residing in). They are smaller than a room in Canevin/Lowe and are extremely crowded already without desks and wardrobes. That adds to another piece of my agitation. WE DON'T HAVE DESKS OR WARDROBES YET!!! I mean I understand that Res Life is doing everything in it's power to get the missing pieces of furniture here asap, but still it really does bite the big one.

There are obviously some major and minor problems with the new dorm with many more that I did not list, but all in all I am really glad I am living there. My suite mates are amazing, my room mate is amazing, and our lounge reflects each of us in our own little ways. And let's talk about my room with Athena. It's HUGE!! I couldn't believe it. I can't wait for this year to progress farther. I have a feeling that it is going to be one of the best year's of my life. From what I can tell of my classes I am going to enjoy them already, and I love my new spanish teacher. I think I might actually enjoy Spanish this year. That is the first time in a really long time that I can actually say that. Well I hope that everyone is having a good start of the semester I know I am!


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August 22, 2004

More Brattina Car Woes

Ok so my family isn't having the best of luck with cars this month. First the steering wheel fluid now the truck's break fluid. Let me start from the beginning...

So I wake up this morning to help my brother move into Havey. Yes that's right folks he is coming to SHU. Anyway. We load up his car, and piled all the larger items (refridgerator, carpet, ect.) neatly in the bed of our truck. Thus we set off.

The first of our problems in the morning was the fact that my uncle (who used the truck last) neglected to put gas into the truck and therefore the truck was running off of fumes. What a surprise (insert massive amounts of sarcasm here). Then we get to SHU and discover that George's coach didn't tell the Assitant Coaches that they needed to get the keys to the Cross Country team rooms. So after we get that figured out we get to his room and discover that there is no bed. So Jay the kind RA that he is helped us to get a bed.

Ok. Now we warp speed to the room being set up and us ready to leave.

We get into the truck to head home. The first thing we needed to do was get gas so we stop at the Sunoco at the bottom of the hill. When we stop we find out that the break fluid in the truck is GONE!!!!! I couldn't believe it. So after waiting at the gas station for approximatly an hour I found out that I couldn't go home with the tow truck because there wasn't enough room. That meant that I had to walk up to SHU from the gas station.

Upon getting to SHU my brother was just leaving his meeting. Needless to say we have to make my brother drive me home. Our luck with cars bites!


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August 17, 2004

A sad sad time in my home...

There has been a death in my family. She was a faithful friend, and we knew we could count on her when it was needed. The worst part is it was all my fault.

That's right folks the faithful 1995 Chevrolet Lumina has finally bit the dust. (Had ya going there for a sec didn't I? HAHA :-)) In my quest to finally obtain my license I was learning how to parallel park at the Driver's Center in North Versailles when the power steering on our wonderful car died. I knew that something was wrong when the wheel was not turning as smoothly as it should have and then a noise started. I asked my dad what it was and he said not to worry about it. Well the problem kept getting worse and finally I couldn't turn the wheel at all. My dad says that it isn't my fault, but I still feel like it is.

Ok. I know. Not the best way to start an entry, but I got your attention didn't I? I can't wait to get back to school. As eventful as my summer was I would really like some normalcy back in my life. Can't wait to see you all!


By the way: If any of you have any car stories that would help make me feel not so much like an idiot it would be greatly appriciated.

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August 8, 2004

The Voice on the other side

Tonight I had to call Gateway...dun dun dun (scary music plays in the background....

Ok so it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be. For those of you that don't know I let a friend use my computer while in Croatia this summer and while he was using it the soundcard just mysteriously up and quit. Neither myself nor the 10 other people that tried to fix it could. I know what you are thinking. Why did you wait so long? Well the reason is I went to Michigan and my summer was thrown off by the randomness of me staying there for two weeks.

And so tonight I looked up the customer service number (conveinently 1-800-GATEWAY), and went through the menus on the telephone until I received a human voice. Well a man answered and after a few quick questions about the problem and myself we got down to business only to discover what I already knew. I have to send my computer back to Gateway. Huge Bummer! An even bigger bummer was when the guy said that my warranty covers the service done to the computer, but not the transport. What am I to do? Poor college student that I am I turned to my mother for help. She gave me her credit card and I paid the man $46.64. Almost 50 bucks down the drain because I am a kind person. Oh well.

I feel better now. As usual my poor blog gets the brunt of my anger...

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August 1, 2004


OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I can't believe it is August already! I mean really now. Where did my summer go? OH YEAH!!!! I remember now....

First class (which I received an A in btw) and rehersals (the good and the bad)...
Then Croatia for two weeks...
Not to mention Orientations and weddings...
Now Michigan ...
And a bunch of stuff in between all of the above...
Finally when I get home we are heading off to camp!

One of these summers I am just going to sit at home and doing nothing. No traveling, no tammies, no school. I'm just going to sit and laze about.

HA! Who am I kidding? I could never do that. It just always surprises me when the summer comes to the end. My mom always tells me it's a good thing that I enjoy school so much because I never give myself any summer to just enjoy myself. Oh well.

I did have an amazing summer though, and I'm glad that it is coming to an end. I know most would not say that but things that happened this summer could only truly happen in the summer. I'm not going to say that this was the most magical summer and it was life altering as some would say, but it was eye opening. From seeing the damage to buildings thousands of years old that happened when a country was fighting among itself, to seeing what the freshmen coming into SHU are experiancing...

Ok. Sorry I got away from myself there for a second. But in all honesty I have had one of the best summers of my life. I know that it's not over yet, but it is coming to a close and I am starting to feel the excitment and back to school jitters sneaking into my bones. It's a wonderful feeling.

I know that everyone has their own back to school rituals, but mine has always been staying up REALLY late the night before class. I just can't seem to sit still.

Well. I think this entry is long enough. Let me know what your back to school rituals are like!!!

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