July 31, 2005

July Update

Well folks, I have just returned from camp and figured I had better post an update about myself.

Before we left for camp I did what all of my friends (and to be honest myself) out there at SHU thought would never happen...I took and passed my Driver's License test. That's right. I am now a driver. It is really very sad to find that my days of being driven around by my brother are over, but, alas, I guess I had to grow up sometime.

Anywho. On my return home yesterday from my camp in DuBois I picked up the massive amount of mail that seems to have graced my home in our absence and found (to my sad, but hopeful surprise) that my finacial aid package had arrived from my loving home away from home. It was very much a depressing moment because then I knew that summer was close to being over.

My next few weeks are going to be crowded with shuffling my youngest brother to and from football/Summer Reading (my parents are finally getting their payback I guess), a birthday party for my best friend, a couple of weddings, finding all of my belongings that have mysteriously vanished (I suspect Jonathan in the disappearance of several items), and packing up to return. Starting today I have only a little over three weeks until move in and the start of another year at school. I am looking forward to this year as it marks the halfway point to my college carreer.

Well I think that for now I have bored you all enough with my random rant and I hope that you all can make the best of the break that you have left. Happy August everyone!


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July 6, 2005

Life after the 4th

Has it ever made you wonder that after the Fourth of July the summer seems to spiral in a downward motion toward the end of summer? Well for me it does.

The Fourth is really the last major holiday of the summer. Think about it. After the wonderful Day of Independence many stores start their Back to School sales and many parents start to think about getting new shoes for their kids for school and new back packs. Many might not start these things until the beginning of August, however some moms (like mine) love to beat the rush and get things done before stores are flooded with screaming children telling their mothers that they don't want to go back to school.

Then you have to consider the facts that many times after Fourth of July colleges swing into high gear getting things ready for the incoming students. Take our humble university for example. Between now and the start of classes in August probably 300 incoming Freshmen and transfer students will come to Seton Hill on the start of their journies to adult hood. Its amazing to me how people change between now and then.

As summer winds down (and I'm sure many don't look at it this way) the mind of a student changes slowly as he or she tries to cram as much stuff that they wanted to do before the Fourth into the very short time period that they will start school. Maybe this is just a rant and I am the only one that sees it, but it is there. With this I close and I say to you all...Enjoy summer while it lasts because we are half way there!


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