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Chap 11, 12, 13

Chapter 11
"A genre starts with thousands of texts created by individual writers in response to real or imagined requests from a group, attempting to resolve some of their anticipated problems....."
Genres are created by more than one person. It takes one to post a comment, another to add to it, and another to eventually answer it. One must create the answer for the questions. It is your own unique way in which you do. There will always be questions asked and wondered, however you must be able to provide them.
Chapter 12
"Web sites often bury their customer assistance, providing almost no explanations on the spot and hiding the detailed information behind confusing or ambiguously name links." <<--I know I don't like to be lost trying to find my answers, however, there are many ways to provide answers. FAQ, responses to customer email, and phone numbers for assistance, are three very helpful sources in which to provide answers to customers. No one likes to be lost trying to find something they can't. Providing help can make your web site more accessible and popular. Everybody wants to be successful and helping others find what they are looking for is part of it.
Chapter 13
"Straightforward information sells. How ironic--the truth shall make your sales!" Being straightforward and to the point really does help people find what they are looking for. Too much clutter and unneccessary information makes people want to overlook your site assuming looking for the answer will take longer than finding an accurate site. Also, separate your clutter if there is alot of info. Use numerous pages or links and navigation will be easier. Brief, straightforward, accurate information makes the ultimate site.


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