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My victims in IF

Interactive Fiction: I was able to see my first reaction of this gaming experience in the faces of my two test subjects. My victims were two who had never even heard of IF gaming. So I explained the background a bit and played a bit of Karissa's game (which by the way was awesome...I reallly like zombies). I had them follow my lead and using simple commands like direction. "North, South, East, and West" were easy commands to teach as well as touching, feeling, examining, etc.
My first victim....I mean test subject was Rob, 22 years old, a computer geek. He knew nothing about IF but caught on to my game very quickly. I hinted to him that he should "pet" and "examine" everything. The "kabam" thing was a little confusing to him considering I have the imagination in the family....(oops). So after reading everything and noticing "Amnesia" everywhere, he got the idea that you as the player has Amnesia.
My game is not that hard. In fact there is really no ending to it specifically. You just have to realize you are the character and you have amnesia and it is literally right under your nose. I wanted to create a simiple came like this so I could understand how to actually put it together and have others understand it. I didn't make a full out developed game because I couldn't seem to grasp the complexity. However, my game is humorous and funny and it make people laugh because .....who pets muffins and dandilions?
Well my next subject knew nothing about computers except that there is a button to push to turn it on. So this one was a little more difficult. She knew that this "game" would be a little excentric because I told her I designed it. So it wasn't hard for her to catch on to petting and kabaming things. So this victim didn't understand the concept of the game however, she did enjoy examining things and didn't understand when I told her there was no point to the game.
Overall, my victims understood the game easily after I gave simple directions. They had the same reaction I had when I was first introduced to IF gaming. However they caught on quickly just as I had. So my game was playable as I had thought, but It definately could have been better. I will keep learning.....i always do! :)


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hahaha, "eat arm"

Why are you eating your own arm?!

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