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Pet the cat

Cat woof picture.bmp

Today I learned how to pet a cat in my IF game. If you play it, you can pet the mailman and stapler too....


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Tiffany, I had a lot of fun today in class trying to get that "black room" to be "full of cats." HILARIOUS!

I hope that Paul and I weren't overbearing to work with... we both have strong personalities. ;) I also hope that you were able to learn something about IF (in addition to finally having fun with it... because I think today might be the first time that I had fun with it... *gasp* Did I just say that?).

Good luck in developing your game! Even if the object of your game is to "pet" every last thing in the room, I'd say you're making progress!

Pet the mail man... oh dear, that's too much! :)

Great progress, Tiffany.

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