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Please just a drop just a littttttttllle bit

"How sweet it would have tasted,
Just a drop!" (Dickinson, 5-6)

These two lines remind me so much of that desirable temptation that we all want but never have. How you yearn for it and maybe MAYBE you would feel better if you had a DROP or CRUMB or HALF of what you really really want. By the rest of the poem, it seems as if they were too late. Too late to get what they wanted and had the opportunity. Victory does come late and sometimes never at all.


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I agree. We all want just a taste of what could be ours. Sadly, in this poem it was too late. In this peom victory did come but the soldier had already passed before getting his chance to rejoice in the win.

I believe you make a wonderful point when describing the fact that victory can sometimes come too late. We can work all our lives toward something, yet never receive the fruit of our labors until it is too late for us to enjoy it. Everyone chases after crumbs of temptation because often if we did not...what dreams would we have to chase after?

I completely agree Tiffany. I did not think of this poem this way at first, until I read your blog and the Monteiro piece. It does seem as if she may be talking about something she desired, possibly someone she loved, that she could never have.

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