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Rags to Riches-Good, yet with Serious Consequences

"Just take away the career and the higher education, and maybe what you're left with is this original Barb, the one who might have ended up working at Wal-mart for real if her father had not managed to climb out of the mines."

Even though, Ehrenreich was being so blunt and straigh-forward, this is unfortunately realistic. I'm in all hopes that those who work hard enough may rise from rags to riches and that hopefully it will be more frequent than rare. Those who carry on with the can-do attitude need to realize there is a greater risk at failing than succeeding. Once you get knocked down so many times, it's going to be harder and harder to get back up and try again. Those who are determined that their life will change hopefully aren't agraid to give it their all above and beyond. I think it is important to know the risks and consequences before you seek out the benefits. That's just my opinon.


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