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Lack of free-will

"Some people might think tha tbecause you're being a soldier, you are now a cruel and hard person who likes to hurt people like the Marines in the videos, but i know that isn't true. You are nothing like you-know-who" (Card 137).
This segment of Valentine's letter is telling Ender he is not like Peter and he is not cruel. Valentine keeps telling her brother that he is kind-hearted and compassionate. Graff and other authority figures' duties are to train Ender and the other launchies for battle. They want them to separate emotion from battle. Ender doesn't want to be cruel like Peter and he sees his brother's reflection looking back at him in the mirror. Psychologically, Ender feels like he is Peter because of his brutal battle training.

With the lack of free will, you cannot decide who you are or what you want to be. Free will is a God-given right which is non existent in Ender's life. Techically, there is no higher power in this book, but from the reader's point of view, it is extremely difficult to understand the concept. Ender is only a young boy who realizes he does not want to be in battle because he fears becoming like his older brother. Ender knows thats not who he wants to be. His sister is trying to tell him who he is and the authorities are trying to train him as something he is not or wants.


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