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Poor Emotional Ender

"Peter walked to the bed, and sure enough, he did not lift himself up to his bed. Instead he came and stood by Ender's head. But he did not reach for a pillow to smother Ender. He did not have a weapon" (Card 15).

Right away in the novel, the reader discovers Ender's fear of his brother. You also discover that he belongs to the government and his parents were TOLD he could be born. For a 6 year old's ego, I bet he is crushed. From finding out that adults rule this child's life, telling him he can't have friends, but then he can, but no parents, it's certainly an emotional read even though it's science fiction. I feel so bad for Ender and what I have noticed is, these characters are everyday people. They have emotions, wants, and needs which is affecting how I read the story as a whole. If the characters were robots or animals lacking emotion, I wouldn't respond the way I do. I think the story is unique because of the character structure. As the reader you can relate to how Ender feels. In reality, we know Ender is not being treated like a normal person, but then again this is a science fiction novel. This book reminds me of The Giver. All the characters in The Giver are brainwashed to believe in a certain way of life, but when the main character Jonus becomes the new "Giver," he recieves the memories of the world. He experiences things like war and sunburn and yet peaceful pleasures he has never known. Just from reading 5 chapters, I'm predicting this small boy will break free from everything he has ever known. That is just the hint I am getting from all his emotional challenges.


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