Corrections for Mistakes found in Alpha Testing I


Since there was confusion with the crazy lady and wanting the pizza, I decided to make it real obvious since it is such an important part of the game.

As for the description for the pizza menu (which was non-existant during Alpha testing I) now says, "Greasy and appetizing pizza pies. Old ladies always crave a slice."

When the player "asks the lady about herself" her response is, "They say I'm too old. Too old to walk, too old too work, even too old to eat pizza. Golly I'd sure love a slice of pizza right now."

Now if the player doesn't get the hint after those clues, I've failed. :)

My game never really followed through after this part of the game. It was definately short and undeveloped, so of course I added more. When the player gives the crazy lady the pizza menu, they recieve a key. The key is the entrance to a certain locked door. Once the player enters that locked door, there are certain objects they are supposed to interact with so they can advance to the next level or recieve the next piece to the puzzle.

This is what I wanted to happen with the game:

*Freely travel to hallway and nurses station
*Blue key to unlock Oak door
*Inside the oak door is to be Dr. Carter's office. Filing cabinets, a desk, a bookshelf, and other interactive objects in the office.
*The filing cabinet will have the first two drawers that are locked
*The cabinet will contain a blue folder and a red folder.

The folders are to contain important information:
Betty Wilson
Age: 86
D.O.B: September 20, 1922
Condition: Altzheimers
Convicted killer

Bill Kretz
Age: 43
D.O.B: May 16, 1965
Condition: Amnesia

Then after examing the folder, I want the lady to speed in on her wheelchair with a knife....she was just cutting carrots of course.

As for Alpha testing II, that's when other changes came in......


I remember your game, Tiffany. You got pretty close to the end. As for my game, this thing I invisioned at the beginning of the term was going to be a re-write of the 7th Harry Potter book. And that would have taken months and months. So you just have to end it in a place where you feel that there is a conclusion to the story. Your clues were good, and it took me only a few tries wording wise to advance the game. Good work, Tiff.

Your game is hilarious. Good job. Did you randomly come up with the story?

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