September 21, 2004

Responsin Furniture- Spyware and stuff.

Yesterday's presentations left me kind of hanging. Samantha didn't even list any way to help cure viruses and spyware. Then again, I already went over that in my presentation and linked to Ad-Aware, Spybot, and Zonealarm as well as pimping out Firefox.

The phrase, "I don't use a firewall since it didn't let me do a lot of things," confused me. Zonealarm just lets you know when something wants to use the internet, and you choose to give it access, and it's free. Most firewalls do the same. I'd recommend people spend the $30 on Norton Antivirus and just download the rest. If you update your spyware/virus definitions once a week and scan every few days, then all should be fine.

When it comes to file-sharing, I have little remorse for the people crying of lost profits, since my personal values make me buy an artist's album if it's good. Any artist that's stood on the podium to say that file-sharing is bad just sucks, and makes bad music, and deserved to lose out on money. That's how the economy works, people don't pay for bad products.

And the RIAA, whose website gets hacked and destroyed at least once a month, have a lot of crap stuff in the contracts that go between artists and the corporations, including a loss of royalties sometimes. So bands can't even get money to begin with sometimes. I notice now, however, a lot of new releases are being sold for $10-13 instead of $18-20. So there is a movement from companies to encourage peopel to buy CDs, and the consumers are getting the best deal overall.

And movies go without saying. No movie has been hurt from anything apart from being bad (Catwoman) or getting bad/little publicity (Donnie Darko). I can't find the link offhand, but I recall the MPAA blaming people with cel phones for spoiling and causing bad movie sales since they could text message during the film. When it comes to blaming file-sharing, the MPAA comes up with the best and lamest excuses.

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Hey Tim, a little off topic, but -

You were the one who wanted to do a newsletter on the topic of roleplaying games, right? The Group Project Proposal for the newsletter assignment is due tomorrow (Wed, Sept. 22) and I was wondering if we could form a group under your suggested topic. I love RPGs! ;)

Anyways, if you get this message soon and would like to team up please drop me a line ASAP at either or We could probably just discuss it for a few minutes in the JWeb chat or something or over e-mail and then one of us could write the proposal for tomorrow.

By the way, the e-mail address that you gave in your JWeb profile doesn't seem to be active, might want to check on that. Then again, it could just be my computer goofing up.


Posted by: ChrisU at September 21, 2004 08:15 PM

Fixed the email, I guess my server's forwarding decided t crap out on me.

Posted by: Tim Traini at September 22, 2004 12:31 PM

Microsoft released better software tht adaware and spybot.
It not only removes spyware, but also protects the computer in certain places in order not to be infected.
Install it, its better.

Posted by: Spyware removal at January 13, 2005 01:08 PM
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