"A narrow fellow in the grass....."

This poem speaks of a "narrow fellow" that rides through the grass. Emily never refers to the "fellow" as a snake, but eludes to it with her descriptions. The way the "grass divides, closes as your feet then opens further on" describes the motion as a snake may be slithering through the grass as well as the "whip-lash" and "unbraiding in the sun."  Snakes love to sun themselves and the movement of their tail can be whip like. She goes on to say that she knows several of nature's people and they know her on a cordial basis, but when it comes to meeting "this fellow" whether alone or with others, she is always taken back with fear. Could it be she's really referring to a man she may have known all of her life?


Maybe as she was watching a snake she thought of a man. As he mentions of her life in the Pod cast there was someone refered to as "master" but they never found out who it was.

I like how you address the controversy in this poem. Dickinson never allows the reader to know what exactly she is talking about in the grass. I think your ideas of either a snake or even a man are good interpretations.

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